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Free Arts Society Launches Exciting Community Programs

As the Free Arts Society returns from a brief hiatus, they are thrilled to announce a series of engaging programs made possible by the generous support of the Parkdale Cromdake Community League. From yoga to playwriting, guitar lessons, ukulele, and jam sessions, the Free Arts Society is committed to offering a diverse range of free activities for community members.

Diverse Offerings: Explore the benefits of yoga for physical and mental wellness, dive into the world of playwriting to craft compelling narratives, or join guitar and ukulele lessons for a musical journey. The Free Arts Society welcomes participants of all skill levels to these inclusive and enriching sessions.

Community Connection: More than just skill development, these programs aim to foster a sense of community and connection. Join fellow community members in a supportive and inclusive environment, where individuals can share their passions and talents.

Stay Updated: For detailed program schedules, instructor information, and additional offerings, visit the Free Arts Society's official website at Stay informed and be a part of the vibrant artistic community.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore your creative side and connect with your community. Visit the Free Arts Society's website, sign up, and let the artistic journey begin!


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