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CreArt Edmonton is now FreeArts

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Importan Information

CreArt, has recently undergone a significant transformation, rebranding itself as FreeArts. This change reflects the organization's commitment to clarity, inclusivity, and a more accurate representation of its mandate. The decision to move away from the name CreArt was driven by a desire to eliminate any potential confusion with the Cree indigenous language, aligning with the organization's dedication to respect and cultural sensitivity.

The shift to FreeArts not only addresses this potential confusion but also better encapsulates the organization's core values. The new name signifies a commitment to fostering artistic freedom without boundaries, providing a platform where creativity can flourish uninhibited. FreeArts emphasizes inclusivity and diversity in the arts, aiming to create a space where artists from all backgrounds can thrive.

This rebranding effort is not just a change in nomenclature but a strategic move towards a more accurate and resonant representation of the organization's mission. FreeArts looks forward to continuing its journey as a beacon of artistic expression, free from linguistic ambiguities and dedicated to the universal language of creativity.



CreArt (FreeArts) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating accessible art and community spaces where people share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education and community development. We strongly believe in the power of arts to produce positive social transformation in our society.



Our vision is to open and create new opportunities to engage more communities with the concept of free education in arts and community development. Free Arts believes that art is not a product, but rather an expression of ourselves, our community and reflection of society. Free Arts Societymakes its programs accessible to the general public in order to plant seeds in the community to allow artists to develop and grow the culture.


FreeArts is comprised of people who strongly believe in the power of arts, mentor-ship, and community development to produce social transformation in our communities. Our programs are free, intergenerational, intercultural and multidisciplinary. We believe that the interaction between artists and the community will bring more people into the practice of self-expression, community collaboration and cultural development of local communities. 


If you would like to support Free Art we are always looking for in-kind donations of space to set up activities, events, and workshops. 


Also if you have an instrument at home that you would like to contribute to us, CreArt can re-donate the instrument to another person. 

In-kind donations of art supplies, mass media equipment, computers, etc, can also support our work.


Monetary donations also help Free Arts to achieve its goal of providing access to creative programming all over the city, bringing arts to every community in Edmonton. 


If you would like to get involved you can come and be part of the Free Artisans team. Community artists who use the arts to challenge society to be better. Also you can come and be part of CreArt activities and support the movement in promoting what are we doing by word of mouth!  

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