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KinnArt Ravine Mural Project 2023

Summer 2023, marks the 4th anniversary of CreArt’s KinnArt Ravine Mural project. With funding secured, the project will commence on Saturday July 8th, and continue every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM - 1PM, weather permitting.

The murals are an important and central project for CreArt, and community engagement continues to be high. CreArt works in partnership with the Parkdale/Cromdale community league in providing the space for artists to complete and store their creations. Materials are provided, including the mural boards, paint and painting supplies. If you are interested in joining us, but this is your first time and unsure of what to expect, we have set up 5 workshops focusing on mural painting open to everyone, youth, adults and families alike. They will provide artists with guidance and mentorship as they work through their pieces. There will also be artists and members of the CreaArt community who have been a part of this project since its inception. Additionally, for the first time this year, mural artists will be compensated a small honorarium for their creative contributions. We look forward to having new artists join us. Whether you are a novice or more experienced painter, or somewhere in between, everyone is welcome! These workshops will be announced on our website soon, so stay tuned.

Follow this link to sign up for the KinnArt Ravine Mural Project.

CreArt is hosting an info session about the KinnArt Ravine Mural Project this Saturday, July 8th at 10AM, at the Parkdale/Cromdale Community League.

The murals are not simply public art, they are art made by the public – Sebastian Barrera

This project is unique in Edmonton in the way that it utilizes the community space in a creative way. Art becomes a part of the infrastructure and the culture of the community. There are currently no other public art spaces in Edmonton that provide opportunities for people to come together and create art for the public, this project is an opportunity for collective creative expression.

As in previous years, the murals are to be installed in September. Our board and members take pride and responsibility in our community, so we also use this time to do any needed maintenance and/or replace murals. If you are interested in volunteering in another capacity other than as an artist, or would just like more information about the project, follow the link above, sign up and spread the word! Our hope is to continue the project for years to come, with it gaining visibility and access to community art for everyone.


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