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Defining a Free Arts member


A Free Arts member is an individual who understands that arts and community development are vital for the cultural growth of our city. We want our members to develop actions to make art accessible for everyone who wants to learn, express or mentor others in the community. 


   How can members help?


  1. Prepare yourself to be a board member

  2. Actively participate in our activities and volunteer with us

  3. Participate in our committees: Fundraising, Bylaws, Membership and communication or any other subcommittees created by the society in the future.  

  4. Promote our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

  5. Donate money, art supplies or instruments to Free Arts Edmonton

Become a Free Arts Member 
How can you support Free Arts mission?
Free Arts 2024-2025 Projects - Please check which of these projects you want to be part of. (All these projects will requiere montly meetings)

Thanks for submitting!Congratulations you are a Free Arts member please check your spam/junk mail to ensure that you have received your Membership Confirmation

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