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CreArt Community Drive

Art is actually what has got us through this whole pandemic. For real, whether you were caught binge watching a series or a saga, taking a deep dive into your own literal nest or picking up a new instrument. When we couldn't connect with family and friends, art was there to create or consume. This whole period of isolaion has uncovered the value of an undervalued path to connection and expression. That’s why CreArt is looking for your support. As little as $5, you can contribute to CreArt’s efforts to create opportunities to engage in art.

As the earth begins to thaw once again, we are reminded of the colour, of the liveliness, of the grand spectacle that life -and life outdoors- are. Now, perhaps more than ever we feel a kindredness to the liveler versions of ourselves, but as our energy comes out of hibernation, we must continue to move intentionally through public spaces and our daily lives.

As a recreation coordinator, I purchased art supplies many times throughout the pandemic; it became a game of paint colours roulette where I really didn’t know what would be in stock. Many supplies were simply bought off the shelves, not by chance, but because many individuals and families turned to creative outlets. We all stayed home, or worked the front lines, also in need of a reprieve from all the stimulus of 2020. People who had access to art supplies, instruction and play, explored artistic expression, in the place of playdates, trips to the mall, or team sports.

We all started to wonder what could be, could we be, what could we do. I like to consider progress as tiny human-focused increments of change, and I think budding organizations like CreArt do this work. In the individuals who become instructors or new friends, learn to play an instrument or simply muster the courage to join a meeting for a weekly workshop; we are stepping out of our familiar internal worlds to, at times, painful, and, at others, surprising showings of our capacity to create, overcome and be reflexive.

Creart has its heart set on compensating the instructors who breathe knowledge into the minds of community members who taps are open to the creative experience. I know we have all felt the weight of the pandemic on our wallets, but this year I learned that a little change could go a long way. CreArt is launching its Community Drive for Support; this drive will be seeking monetary donations to continue to bring accessible art to the community in an endeavor for social transformation. Funds raised will go to compensating our artist mentors for their work.

A contribution of $75 dollars can cover the cost of one session of group instruction. But, in actuality, $5, $15 or $25 can make a huge difference when we come together as a community to support budding art initiatives in Edmonton neighbourhoods. In addition to reciprocating the talent and work of our artist mentors, we are also in need of monetary support to rent space -post pandemic- and supply our community members with instruments to learn from home. Follow this link to make a donation.

If you don’t have any change today,?That’s okay! We get that we are all at different places, that we have intentions but can’t always lay our cash down to support important community work, alternatively there is still a space for you to contribute to the work of CreArt Society in the community! Click here to become a member, and to participate in community and art for social transformation.


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