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CreArt is Launching a Newsletter!

In an effort to stay well connected to our membership in this new virtual reality, we are launching a monthly Newsletter. On the first Friday of every month, CreArt members will receive exclusive news and updates about ongoing events, projects, and upcoming programming. Our Newsletter is a great way for members to stay informed about what we are getting up to, as well as opportunities to volunteer, participate and contribute to CreArt.

As a CreaArt member, you will be a part of a community of artists and advocates who create change for the better. CreArt’s Newsletter will also feature the work of CreArtist's, instructors and/or volunteers, highlighting their efforts that help us promote creativity, learning, community development and accessibility, through the arts.

January 1st, is only a few days away. If you would like to sign up and receive our Newsletter, go to

We aim to make CreArt accessible for everyone. You will still see our posts, updates and stories on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; CreArt’s website and blog will also continue to be available for the community at large to peruse and explore anytime.

We would look forward to having you join CreArt as we venture into 2021, together!


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