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CreArt Goes Live: Staying Connected in a Time of Distancing

Students at CreArt Saturday Guitar Lessons

CreArt Edmonton is dedicated to creating accessible art and community spaces where people share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education and community development. With the onset of this Pandemic, we are reaching out to the Edmonton community during these new and challenging times. Physical isolation doesn’t have to mean social isolation, it's up to governments, individuals, families and community based organizations to continue the work that strengthens and maintains the makeup of a community. Human beings are fundamentally adaptable and social and even in times like these, when we as a society have taken a collective turn inward, in an effort to protect our populations most vulnerable citizens, abstaining from social spaces, events, and everyday life occurrences, we can still find ways to continue to gather and grow.

One of the outlets we have collectively turned to in this time of space, has been the internet, a virtual vehicle for connection. CreArt Edmonton is working toward generating new avenues, to stay connected to our youth and community, by launching CreArt Live Stream. We have redeveloped our website as a strategic tool to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic and practice continuity in our efforts of using community and art as tools for larger social change, in a time of temporary social transformation.

Our monthly calendar will allow us to support and share live streaming events that are already happening in our community. CreArt Edmonton will be looking to promote, collaborate, support local artists and community developers to connect with different communities. We will compile all concerts and workshops on our website to develop an archive, as a living memory of artists and community developers in our city. We invite everybody to join us to keep growing our communities and work together to rise up.

If you are an artist or teacher you can submit an online event to our page, under the Submit to Live Stream Here link. Some considerations include that all live stream events be family-friendly and oriented to the development of art forms and community development, events should be inclusive and welcoming. CreArt Edmonton will not tolerate violence, racism or any kind of abuse towards the viewer or anyone in the community.

This platform will only live stream from Facebook or Zoom room meeting, we welcome live shows to be broadcasted via Facebook, while interactive workshops will be facilitated via Zoom Media. Applicants will be responsible to provide all the information necessary to promote and live stream the event. Students and community members hoping to tune into workshops or shows, can check out the Live Streaming Calendar to see what's coming up, and access the Zoom Classrooms and live Shows under the CreArt Live Calendar Tab on the CreArt Website.

At CreArt Society, we strongly believe in the power of the arts to produce positive social transformation in our society and in community settings, whether they are face-to-face, or screen-to-screen. Join us, stay connected, keep gathering and growing on our journey, during the ebb and flood of COVID-19, to use art as a way to positively transform with the new flow of life in our society, and simply, stay connected and rise together.

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