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CreArt Edmonton Society !!!!!!!!!

For the last 7 years, CreArt Edmonton has been working as a community arts collective based on the volunteer efforts of several Edmonton artists. During the past 7 years, this project has impacted the lives of 750 participants, we have donated 80 instruments to CreArt members, and have invested more than 3,000 volunteer hours in the community. This could not be possible with out the support of the Parkdale Cromdale Community League, local artists, participants, students, parents, family and friends.

In 2018, CreArt became a non-profit organization, CreArt Edmonton Society, after 7 years of being a grassroots arts and community development group.


CreArt is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating accessible art and community spaces where people share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education and community development. We strongly believe in the power of arts to produce positive social transformation in our society.


Our vision is to open and create new opportunities to engage more communities with the concept of free education in arts and community development. CreArt believes that art is not a product, but rather an expression of ourselves, our community and reflection of society. CreArt makes its programs accessible to the general public in order to plant seeds in the community to allow artists to develop and grow the culture.

Thank you to all,

Sebastian Barrera

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