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Music was the biggining of CreArt movement our intention is continue working hard to awaken more musicians and help them bring thier art to life. Today CreArt teaches with violin, classes, percussion sessions, singing classes, and jam sessions.

This year 2016 also we established a partnership with Heart of the City music and arts festival to develop a stage to showcase youth emerging artists during the two days festival. Bringing to stage more than 40 artists to the stage. 



CreArt has just begun to develop our first 4 dance classes together with Mile Zero dance and Parkdale Cromdale Community League to provide safe space for kids to experiment with movement and dance.




CreArt has more than 2,500 sq ft of art in Edmonton and advocates for more spaces for art made by the public instead of public art. Example of CreArt work made by the public is the Kinnart Ravine Mural Project, at Sheriff Robertson Park in Edmonton. More than 12 organizations working together to develop 62 murals in the Parkdale Crmodale river valley area. Also CreArt has being working with the Skills Society, Telus, Parkdale Cromdale community league and Boyle Street Community Services to bring mural painting jobs to youth at risk.

Film Making 

CreArt just has produced a short film of Boyle Street Community Services: City Embers - a drama base on the life of youth at risk who live their lifes in the streets of Edmonton.The experience of making  this film has been an inspiration to CreArtisans to develop a full new component of filmaking in order to develop more material to encourage discussions about social issues in our society.

Multi Media 

Today is important for artists to work using digital tools to create, promote and engage a large audience. The multimidia project try to do the best on that are integrating diferent tipes of arts in to a digital format.

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