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Sebastian Barrera is a Chilean born musician, artist and community activist, who has captivated the hearts of many in the city by his ongoing efforts in transforming community-based arts and social projects into day to day reality.  Barrera is currently working as a youth program coordinator for Boyle Street Community Services located in the inner-city hub of downtown Edmonton. He is also the President of the Parkdale Cromdale Community League, which he has utilized to house several arts and music projects. To add to his repertoire, Barerra is the creator of a social movement project, CreArt dedicated to providing free, accessible spaces to facilitate arts/ music based education for individuals who are looking for a positive outlet for self-expression.

Gautam Karnik started playing the violin when he was 9 in Grande Prairie, before moving on to the University of Alberta & the West Coast Symphony in Vancouver. He has been involved in solo projects with various ethnic communities, playing folk, rock, Latin, tango, Bollywood and Indian classical music.

Gautam has created eight albums with local & international artists and performs regularly with dancers across a wide variety of genres including tango, belly dance (American Tribal Style), ballet and modern dance.  The success of these projects has varied.  Gautam's Chillout genre collaborations have received millions of plays online across the planet in a very short time frame, along with recognition on the World Chill Lounge Charts.  Some of his tracks from the Carnatic Soundscapes project continue to be released on vinyl albums through a label based in the Netherlands. His music was chosen to be in a ballet dance production called Myths and Legends for Kathleen Hughes Dance Association in November 2015.  He is currently involved as music director in a production called Connexus, which features live music, dancers and fire acts, which performed for Canada Day 2016 celebrations in Beaumont. 2017 saw Gautam extending himself to a new Bollywood music project called Sur7 Melody Club.

Gautam enjoys teaching violin to children in his spare time with CreArt Edmonton Free Arts Movement (3yrs).  As a board member for Heart of the City Music Festival (2 years), Gautam has been involved in youth, main stage, and community development sub-committees.  Gautam continues to extend his experience to community development and revitalization efforts through many different channels.

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