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Immigrant Artist Community Dialogue 


CreArt Edmonton, the Thousand Faces Theatre Festival, and the Edmonton Mennonite Center for Newcomers are working together to develop an Immigrant Artist Community Dialogue that will create a platform for immigrant artists living in Edmonton to present their community development artwork to our city. 


This free event will take place on the last day of the Thousand Faces Theatre Festival on Saturday, June 27th, 2020, at Alberta Avenue Community League. Immigrant artists (10 to 12 presenters) from different cultures and disciplines will present their artwork and stories of community development, for a maximum of 20 minutes each. Their stories will speak to the impact of their art on their lives and their community.


The event will be in the Alberta Avenue Community League, in a lively theatre-style communal space, during the Thousand Faces Theatre Festival. The venue will be artfully lit by theatre professionals to create a welcoming environment. Presenters and audience will be joined in a community experience, where the focus and mood will shift to suit each presentation.



We are encouraging immigrant artists and community developers from different backgrounds and disciplines to present at the Immigrant Artist Community Dialogue. 


In order to apply to be part of this project, artists are expected to present their: 


2.Resume or Press kit or Multimedia Link 

3.A letter that explains how their artwork has produced an impact on the Edmonton Community. We will prioritize artists who can demonstrate a strong relationship between their art and the community they are part of. 

Please submit your supporting documents to with the title: Immigrant Artist Community Dialogue, don't forget to attach all documents required.

Benefits: All artists will get paid an honorarium and a video will be produced showcasing the artist's presentation which will be provided to each artist. 

Deadline for Submissions: May 1, 2020, at 5 pm



All applications will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary jury, who will select 10 to 12 applicants to present at the Community Dialogue (funding pending). 

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