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Our mission is to promote increased

cross-cultural/inter-heritage understanding and engagement through showcasing Black/African heritage in Edmontonian films and filmmakers, demonstrating their work to broad audiences and to potential supporters and collaborators



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Ewir amora kelabi, 84 minutes, (1 hour, 24 minutes). Amharic language, English subtitles. Ewir amora kelabi has won awards at three of its four~five screenings, Zak has been on CBC’s The National about the work and it has been screened at Metro Cinema.

The film is about his dangerous migration from Ethiopia, largely at the hands of smugglers.. For example, Zak crossed the Sahara from Ethiopia to Sudan on foot, and spent 2 years in an Egyptian jail, as part of his journey. And he is one of the lucky ones. Ewir amora kelabi is also about the fortitude, deep strength, courage and patience Zak and others bring with them when they join us in Edmonton. These are evidenced in his returning to Africa to make a film about the experience as a warning to others at home. He will talk with us after several screening. He has such deep humanity and Ewir amora kelabi such a powerful story that these evenings are not to be missed. 


FEBRUARY 14, 2020  7:00 PM   MacEwan University 10460 105 St NW CN-Theatre.

FEBRUARY 21, 2020  7:30 PM   Shiloh Centre: 10727 - 114 street, Edmonton                  

FEBRUARY 25, 2020      7:00 PM    Ethiopian Center 10585 - 115 street, Edmonton

FEBRUARY 29, 2020      5:00 PM   Mennonite Centre 10170 - 112 street, Edmonton


We are the Roots: Black Settlers and their Experiences of Discrimination on the Canadian Prairies tells the story of a wave of African American immigrants who moved to Alberta and Saskatchewan between 1905-1912 to escape racism and persecution in the United States. Taking advantage of Canada’s offer of 160 acres of land for a $10 fee, 1000-1500 individuals moved to the Prairies and helped develop several settlements throughout the provinces.

Through the stories of 19 descendants of the original settlers, We are the Roots focuses on the experiences of discrimination these individuals encountered while living in the rural communities and in Edmonton.


FEBRUARY 17, 2020     3:30 PM    METRO  - 8712 109 Street, Edmonton

FEBRUARY 20, 2020     3:30 PM     Shiloh Centre: 10727 - 114 street, Edmonton 

FEBRUARY 24, 2020    7:00 PM    Ethiopian Center 10585 - 115 street, Edmonton

FEBRUARY 28, 2020    6:00 PM    Mennonite Centre 10170 - 112 street, Edmonton


Anteneh Bizuneh, Director, Independent filmmaker, Saba, 100 minutes, (1 hr 40 minutes), Amharic and English with English subtitles.

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Abby, a young Ethiopian woman, is forced to marry a Canadian so she can send money back to support her family. Meanwhile, her beau is jailed. He tasks another inmate, who is being released, to go to Canada and find his beloved, “Or else”! 


Can the fellow find Abby in time to save his sister...?


Although the story may seem contrived, the underlying issues of love, identity, and responsibility are all too true and are huge when poverty looms large every day. Watch this very humane film and see bits of Edmonton as you've never seen it, bits of Ethiopia you've never seen and share the struggles we all face, but from a new, more intense perspective. 

Anteneh and some of the film's producers will be available for discussion after several showings. Join us. 


FEBRUARY 15, 2020       7:00 PM     MacEwan University 10460 105 St NW CN-Theatre.                      

FEBRUARY 22, 2020       7:30 PM     Shiloh Centre: 10727 - 114 street, Edmonton 

FEBRUARY 23, 2020       3:30 PM     Ethiopian Center 10585 - 115 street, Edmonton

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