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Yoga instructor bio:


I am a Sattva Yoga instructor, trained and certified by Rameen Peyrow, founder of the Sattva Yoga practice. I am an eternal student, striving for discipline. I love to laugh...I can also be pretty serious. Often I can use some help remembering to laugh at myself.


Sattva Yoga is an expression of Hatha and Raja Yoga. It emphasizes breathing techniques while balancing flowing movement with the introspection of added time spent in postures. At the end of the practice we begin to shift toward an experience of Raja Yoga, as we sit, deepening our awareness of each breath, and develop a restful, yet strong capacity for meditation.


I have always been immersed in a blend of sound and mindful movement. My experience with music, Martial Arts training, climbing, dance, cycling, and running have all seen such amazing benefits through the foundation, freedom, and union that comes with the journey of yoga.


As a Yoga instructor I feel privileged to show others my practice of Yoga. A growing union of musical sound, mind, spirit, nerves, bones, muscles, connective tissue, bio feedback, bio mechanics and so many other aspects of the body. 


Together we can build our practice of Yoga.

Parkdale Yoga class description: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How


Hello, please come and join me for Yoga! Yoga has been a practice and way of living for thousands of years, and continues to grow today. Yoga has been known to alleviate tension in our bodies, minds, and breathing, leaving us with a sense of freedom and unity.


Let's support each other with our presence. Let's move and breathe as a community.


When: Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm

Who: Anyone interested in moving towards peace of mind and ease of body movement.

Where: Parkdale community league(lounge).


In a Sattva Yoga class, we can will practice:


  • Protecting ourselves from injuries through body awareness and the use of chairs. We will also talk about other tools one can utilize in a yoga practice(ex. cushions, blocks, and straps).

  • Peace and presence of mind as we focus on our breathing and our senses.

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama)

  • Asanas (Postures) that build strength and flexibility(standing, bending, lunging, twisting, seated, and lying down).

  • Regulating focus, mood, and energy to carry out our day


Please note* At this moment we can only provide the space, chairs, and restrooms. We encourage you to bring*


  • Your Yoga mat.

  • Cushions, bolsters, Yoga blocks etc.

  • Water to drink (ideally only before and after the practice).

  • Clothing suited for moving and sweating.

  • A blanket if you are often cold.

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